Delord – Sognare Part 1


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Sognare Part. I
Release date:  25th December 2009
Label: InnoBrain 
Total iTunes sold: 1500
Total Spotify streams: 40.000

Some reviews

“Spilamberto. It was published the first collection of Poetry and music by DeLord, aka Christian Carlino, eclectic artist from Spilamberto, protagonist of musical Tournee around Italy. The poetry collection “Sognare” is on sale with a LP with some piano tracks including <sognare>, <inseguirsi>, <incompreso> … << Sognare- tells DeLord – is the story of a piece of life yet to be told, has the strength to start, the desire to move forward. The sense I have given to this work is the rebirth of myself>>”

Stefano Bellentani, “Sognare“, abstract from interview (Mar 13, 2009)

“It’s out the box “Sognare” A collection of poetry, of lived life with a background of music created in the wake of the dream sphere. Here “Sognare” the first Editorial project of DeLord that unites a book of poems and a LP with fivr new compositions. The initiative for the launch of the original volume is explained by the author himself: “I put four copies on 4 different trains with 4 different destinations (Rome, Milan, Turin, Lecce) in order to cross Italy Dreaming … so to create expectation and curiosity especially on the title”.”

Andrea Conti, DeLord, travelling with poetry and music – interview for TgCom  (Mar 31, 2009)

“Dear Fabrizio, thank you very much for sending me the CD “Sognare” of this young composer who hides behind the pseudonym DeLord. ”

Franco Capoglio, Private Letter (Apr 24, 2009)

“Christian Carlino “DeLord” has produced its first EP with tracks focused on relaxing the mind, and above all he makes nostalgic and let dream. Just the title makes the idea of this little work. One word to make it all clear. The piano has been his best friend for years now and this is the result. It may very well be a collection of music for soundtrack.”

Valentina Ventura, Review of Sognare EP (Jun 15, 2010)

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