DeLord – L’Essenza CD Version


CD version with autograph and dedication. 8 new songs contained in the “Essence” project including a booklet with a description of the songs and a free sticker postcard.

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8 new songs contained in “L’Essenza” project: there are parts of you that you keep hidden deep inside and you don’t want to accept that they are really yours. We run away, we spend our time running away from ourselves more than we believe without even realizing it.

We are an infinite number of possibilities, it is up to us to grasp the path of awareness to reach our Essence, letting go of judgments, assumptions, “hearsay”, fears of not being accepted and everything that we are not.

It is only by letting go that you reach what you seek: I call it The essence.

New directions and perceptions, no longer just illusions, infinite paths to take to discover our depths. The absolute. What is unexpected remains our best way; Beyond our fears we undo the dances and move, we move these helpless bodies lying on dull hills locked in increasingly invisible golden cages.

We transmute matter and become new beings. Let’s dance, on the depths of our Essence.

Published on:  28th April 2021



  1. L’essenza
  2. Ghiaccio di Vetro
  3. Listen
  4. Luce
  5. Anema e Core
  6. Ritorno all’Uno
  7. To the Moon
  8. Un Respiro (2020 remaster)

Label: InnoBrain 
Total iTunes sold: 100
Total Spotify streams: 10.000

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